Thoughts on “Swimmers”:

There was something about “Swimmers” that really bothered me and I’m not completely sure what it was. When I finished reading the book I felt very unsatisfied and a little bit sad. I kind of just stared at my bedroom wall for a while wondering why bad things have to happen to nice people. I’m one of those people that gets very involved in the characters of a book and I found myself becoming quite attached to Hunter and especially Poppy. Niall also had an effect on me.

It really bothered me that there wasn’t much of an explanation for what was going on with Niall. I understand that he was probably depressed because of what happened to his sister, plus his home life wasn’t the best. However, I would have liked to know more. He seemed to have a huge impact on Hunter yet we never get to find out much about him. I felt like I was always waiting for an explanation but never got one.

I also became very emotionally attached to Poppy (I hope I’m not the only one…). Something about her reminded me of someone. Perhaps me when I was younger? My little sister? I’m not sure exactly, but I did feel a lot of sympathy for her. I think part of my feelings toward Poppy had to do with the fact that the book is in Hunter’s perspective and Hunter is also very attached to Poppy. There were so many times when I wished I could just reach out and give the poor girl a hug. She just seemed so sad and lost and in need of a friend. I think that’s why I was really shocked that Hunter decided to stay in Victoria at the end of the novel. I wanted him to go back to Lethbridge to be with his aunt and Poppy. I felt like he was just finally beginning to understand Poppy and that they could have had a really important friendship.

I’d like to end this post by asking if someone could please write a sequel that is from Niall’s point of view? I have so many unanswered questions that are bothering me. I’m desperate for some sort of closure!!



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